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Title Services

Cowling Title Company LLC provides a variety of title insurance policies to meet our customers' needs. Title insurance is an exclusively American invention. Its purpose was well stated in the first advertisement for title insurance back in the late 1800s:

"This company insures the purchasers of real estate and mortgages against loss from defective titles, liens, and encumbrances. Through these facilities [the] transfer of real estate and real estate securities can be made more speedily and with greater security than heretobefore." [circa 1876]

Title insurance differs significantly from other forms of insurance. While the function of most other forms of insurance is risk assumption through the pooling of risks for losses arising out of unforeseen future events (such as death or accidents), the primary purpose of title insurance is to eliminate risks and prevent losses caused by defects in title arising out of events that have happened in the past. To achieve this goal, we perform an extensive search of the public records to determine whether there are any adverse claims to the subject real estate. Those claims are either eliminated prior to the issuance of a title policy or their existence is excepted from coverage.

A title insurance policy issued by Cowling Title Company LLC provides a broad range of benefits to all parties involved in a real estate transaction. The purchaser of real estate needs protection against serious financial loss due to a defect in the title to the property purchased. A title insurance policy will cover both claims arising out of title problems that could have been discovered in the public records, and those "non-recorded" defects that could not be discovered in the record, even with the most complete search. A title insurance policy will not only protect the insured owner, but also that person's heirs for as long as they hold title to the property, and even after they sell by warranty deed. The Company will not only satisfy any valid claim made against the insured's title, but it will pay for the costs and legal expenses of defending against a title claim.

Additionally for a lender, a policy of title insurance provides the mortgage lender with a high degree of safety against the loss of security as a result of a title problem. This protection remains in effect for as long as the mortgage remains unsatisfied. Cowling Title also provides lenders with in-depth expertise on a wide variety of title related matters to facilitate the mortgage loan process.

For the seller and/or owner of real property whose interest is insured by an owner's title insurance policy, that person or entity has the assurance that the title will be marketable when selling the property. The title insurance policy protects the seller from financial damage if the seller's title is rejected by a prospective purchaser. Also, when the seller conveys with "warranties," the seller is still protected if the buyer sues because of a breach of those warranties.

Cowling Title provides these in-depth title services, including:

• Title Commitments
• Title Insurance Policies and Endorsements
• Preliminary Title Reports
• Title Searches
• Lien Searches
• Online Ordering
• Tax Certificates

Escrow and Closings

Escrow and Closings

Escrow is a service that provides a means of security in the handling of important property, funds and documents by a trusted, neutral stakeholder. Cowling Title Company LLC and its dedicated team of professionals work hard to ensure a smooth, timely and trouble-free closing. We value the opportunity to work alongside each party of the transaction to realize their individual goals.

Cowling Title Company LLC provides the following services during escrow:

•Residential Closings
•Commercial Closings
•Construction Loan Closings
•Refinance Closings
•1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges
•Order payoff statements and demands necessary to clear title
•Prepare settlement statements
•Obtain all necessary documents for title transfer
•Obtain all necessary signatures and funds to close the transaction
•Record and deliver all necessary documents
•Disburse funds to all parties
•Set up wires and/or hold funds
•Coordinate with Lenders, Brokers and Attorneys
•Notary Services